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Airsoft 216 Target Automatic Spring Back

Time:2018/10/24 15:10:27

Airsoft 216 Target Automatic Spring Back

Ocean Loong auto-reset target with net(Need one AA battery)


Type:Target for shooting.


Item Weight:525g.

Product Dimension:30.5*20*17cm.



①The removable,mesh trap catches BBs for easy clean up,and consists of a plastic frame with metal support rods.

②There are 3 round targets on it,it will fall down which 1 target was hit;and 3 targets will restore stand in 3 second after 3 targets all fall down due to the AA battery is working.


①Only suitable for BBs plastic bullet gun at 0~270/280 FPS and shooting distance more than 8 meters.Further as power increasws or close as power decreases.

②Or the net is easily damaged due to FPS too high.

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