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NiMH 1A Charger & 8S1600N Battery

Time:2018/10/24 15:52:08

NiMH 1A Charger & 8S1600N Battery

Product 9.6V NiMH 1600mAh 9.6V Nut Chuck Pack Mini Battery Pack Make made of 2/3A x 8 cells 1600mAh NiMH 

Connector mini Tamiya female connector assembled with 16 G wire 

Fit Models Airsoft guns G36C, M4A1-RIS, M4A1, CAR15, MP5A5, MC51, FNP90, AUGRT,AUGM, G3A4, G36, STEYR. For use in ERA002, ERA004, ERICS13, EROA002, EROA003, SDGE0507R2, SDGE0501R2, upgraded and/or modified AEGs. 

Feature - Rapidly charge up and long cycle life - 

High power with high discharge rate - ~ 8 imnutes firing time at 10A discharge power Best if stored in temperature 35-70 Degree and keep away from sun light or heat. 

Weight 192g/6.80oz;

Dimensions 19.5mm in Diameter and 116 mm in length 

Recommended Charger Smart Universal Battery Pack Charger Use attention Set charging current to 1.0A when charging with the above charger


Rating Input Voltage: 100~240V AC 50/60Hz 

Rating input current: 1000/500mA (110/220V full load) 50/20mA (110/220V no load) 

Input power: <11W 

Input connector:  USA standard 

Output voltage Rating:  6.0V / 9.6V 

DC Output voltage range:  DC 5.0V~12.8V 

DC Charge Current:  1000+_60mA Trickle Current 200+_20mA 

Max Output Power:  7.3W 

Output connector :  Mini Male Tamiya Plug

Operating Temperature:  -10~30*C (UL Certification) 

Charging Temperature:  <60˚C 

Storage Temperature:  -30~85*C 

Maximal -Delta V:  5mV/cell Cell Voltage <1.56V/cell 

Operating Humidity:  <90% RH 

Timer cut off:  6Hrs

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