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NiMH Battery 8.4V 1600mAh Flat Pack

Time:2018/10/24 16:10:55

NiMH Battery 8.4V 1600mAh Flat Pack


Battery Type: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH Battery) 

Voltage: 8.4V 

Capacity: 1600mAh 

Weight: 168g/5.93oz 

Discharge Plug: Mini Tamiya Female connector 

Discharge Rate : 10C 

Dimensions: 108 x 34.5 x 18 mm / 4.29 x 1.37 x 0.71 in 

Wire Gauge: 16 AWG Soft and Flexible Low Resistance Silicone Wire 

Charge time: standard charge at 160mA for 15 hours,rapid charge at 1600mA for 1.1 hours 

Fit Models: Most Airsoft Mini AK series, upgraded and/or modified AEG's and more 

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